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May 11, 2020

Help to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Manitoba Federation of Labour's Occupational Health Centre has a wealth of information to help you get through the pandemic. Income support help, food assistance housing and much more are all covered. Well worth a look. MFL-OHC website.

Need Childcare so you can return to Work?

A childcare match-maker website for essential workers has been setup to help you find childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. The site allows you to search by location and other criteria to find an available temporary licensed child care facility. This is only for temporary licensed child care to support critical services workers during the COVID-19 pandemic response. Click to search.

Bell/MTS Bargaining Suspended

Negotiations between Unifor Local 7 and Bell MTS have been cancelled until further notice. There are some tentative dates in April, but they have not been finalized. The most recent bargaining with Bell MTS took place during the second week of March. Because we are dealing with Bell, we did NOT get in all three scheduled days. The final day was cancelled because Bell could not get a response back to the union bargaining committee. It was fantastic to re-start the bargaining and know so many of our members wore red to work that day. That visual support for your committee is a tremendous help at the bargaining table. It tells Bell that these are our members concerns and not just concerns "made up" by the committee. We whittled away during these most recent negotiations at some smaller issues and made progress through most of the non-monetary issues. We had the opportunity to speak to Bell about our member's concerns on job security and made it clear we needed something concrete to stop the job erosion. While we had some constructive discussions, talks stopped because Bell could not get an answer to us in a timely manner. Negotiation update bulletins and website updates will be provided when talks resume. If you would like to receive bargaining updates by email please provide your personal, non-work email address to Local 7 at president@uniforlocal7.ca

Financial Help for People Impacted by COVID-19

Workers hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for part of the federal government's $82 billion aid package, which includes $27 billion in direct support for those who are out of work because of the crisis or need help to care for family members. Details in this CBC story.

Your Union and COVID-19

Looking for reliable information on COVID-19? Want to know what UNIFOR is doing to protect our members. Here's your hub for information and resources on how your union is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll find details on resources available, the latest updates, and sector specific information.

Boycott Co-op

The approximately 600 Unifor members employed at the Co-Op refinery in Saskatchewan have been locked out by their employer since December 5. The refinery continues to operate using replacement workers. When our members are at work in the refinery, it makes $3 million a day. Why were our members locked out? Because they said NO to concessions from a massively profitable company. Until the lockout ends with a suitable collective agreement, please boycott your local Co-op. More information about this dispute can be found on the website of Unifor Local 594 which represents the workrs - and on the Unifor natioal website where you can sign up for updates and for more ways you can support locked-out Co-op Refinery workers.

Moving? New email address? Let us Know!

Contract negotiations with Bell MTS are underway - making it more important than ever that the union know how to contact you. If you've moved to a new residence, changed your email address, cell phone or home phone number, or made any other changes to your personal information, please call the Local 7 office at 204-988-1408, or email us at president@uniforlocal7.ca and give us the updated information.

The News from UNIFOR

The national UNIFOR newsletter, called Uniforum, is available online. To download PDF copies of it, click here. There are also copies of several other Unifor newsletters available from this site.