Rally for support Unifor workers at Association for Community Living (ACL)

Rally to Support Local 468 Members at Association for Community Living (ACL)

When: Friday Oct. 28, 2022, 2:45 p.m.

Where: Front of the Legislative Building

Speeches: 3 p.m.

Local 468 represents about 100 workers at ACL,  a non profit in Beausejour that takes care of adults with severe disabilities who require one-on-one 24-hour care. ACL is funded 98% by the provincial government, which has refused to increase funding to ACL even after it raised the minimum wage.

Our ACL members recently rejected the last contract offer from the employer by 95%. The employer’s hands are tied by a government that refuses to fund health care.

Bring your flags and strong voices to support our workers and urge the government to fund ACL so  these invaluable workers receive a living wage!

In solidarity, 

Paul McKie

Manitoba/Saskatchewan Area Director

Directeur Local du Manitoba et de la Saskatchewan

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